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Second Yunnan Internet Conference to start in Kunming on October 15

Source: InKunming | 2015-10-14

[InKunming--Yunnan]? The Second Yunnan Internet Conference will open in the province's capital, Kunming, on October 15.

Representatives of well-known enterprises, such as Chinese internet giants Tencent and Ali, as well as experts of Internet, such as those from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Communication University of China, will give themed speeches at the meeting.

Besides attending themed speeches, invited guests will launch round-table discussions at the one-day conference. "One Belt, One Road", "E-commerce Business", "Internet Finance", "Micro-business start-ups", and "Internet Crowdfunding" are key words for the guests to discuss.

Based on the "Internet Plus", an initiative proposed by Premier Li Keqiang that aims to integrate the Internet with industries while encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, invited entrepreneurs and experts will also share their own experience in doing Internet Plus agriculture, industry, medical care, and tourism.

Yunnan Internet Development Report, summarizing development situation in first half of 2015 in the province, will be released during the conference. Conference organizing committee introduced this part as one of the conference’s highlights.

Newest internet innovations and projects will be showcased within the conference, too.

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Tracy)

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