In pics: thousand of gulls embrace Kunming with vitality and energy

Video shows a great many black-headed gulls fly above Daguan river. [InKunming/Su Wenqian] 

Due to the cold air, the temperature of Kunming drops sharply, but the sun is still shinning brightly. Flocks of overwintering black-headed gulls flying near Daguan river attract the crowd to come and feed them. Huanxi bridge is one of the best places to watch the gulls, because there are rows of golden celtis tetrandra along the river, forming a fascinating sight in winter.


Photo shows stunning view with thousand of black-headed gulls and golden celtis tetrandra attract many tourists. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


Photo shows gulls rest on the water when they are full. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


Photo shows people stand under the pavilion and feed the gulls. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


Photo shows the gulls are not afraid of people and go ashore to find food. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


The gulls are used to getting along with Kunming people. Photo shows a gull is pecking food from a person’s hand. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


White gulls go well with golden celtis tetrandra. Photo shows three gulls stand on the branch of celtis tetrandra. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]


Photo shows a gull stands on the railing with Kunming’s blue sky behind. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]

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