Bank of Dianchi lake turns red decorated with Zhongshanshan


Recently, a large area of Zhongshanshan in Dianchi lake south bank wetland park has begun to turn red. At the same time, the "water forest" near the Dianchi lake has entered the best viewing period.


At the end of November and the beginning of December every year, the Zhongshanshan on the edge of Dianchi lake starts to turn red. Seen from a distance, the vast "water forest" is extremely fantasitic. If the weather is fine, the blue sky, white clouds, green trees and grass, yellow reeds and flowers are aesthetically pleasing. The seagulls flying through the sky and the sounds of various water birds in the marsh grass add a bit more vivid feeling to the winter's scenery.

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(Editors: Kylie, Christine)

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