It's golden gingko time! Visit the three places to view ginkgo in Yunnan


Ginkgo has turned golden in Donglu campus of Yunnan University. [Photo/ Yunyun the netizen from the Cailong club]

At the end of autumn and early winter in Yunnan, the sun shines gently on every inch of land, bringing infinite warmth. December is regarded as the best time to view ginkgo while many areas of ginkgo gradually become golden, blown off the yellow leaves covered the ground, like a thick golden carpet.

The ginkgo avenue on the Donglu campus of Yunnan University, the Huating temple in Xishan Park and the ancient ginkgo village in Tengchong are excellent places to admire ginkgo.


Golden ginkgo forest A student is reading under the ginkgo trees in cmpus.  [Photo/ Yunyun the netizen from the Cailong club]

Ginkgo avenue in Yunnan university:golden ginkgo leaves dropped and covered the ground. The campus is full of the sense of knowledge.

The Donglu campus of Yunnan University is located at the edge of Cuihu Park. Recently, the ginkgo avenue turns into glorious golden colour. This ginkgo avenue is about 300 meters long and extends from Wenyuan building to Huize courtyard. It is said that the ginkgo tree in the campus was planted by a school worker when the school was established. After decades of growth, these ginkgo trees become luxuriant and become a special scenery in winter.

Sunlight through the ginkgo forest, the whole campus is setting off gentler and more comfortable. Students of Yunnan University are sitting near the window in the library. They can occasionally look up and enjoy the pleasant feeling brought by the golden ginkgo grove.


A student is reading under the ginkgo trees in cmpus.  [Photo/ Yunyun the netizen from the Cailong club]

Many tourists were attracted by the beautiful scenery and stopped to take photos. Occasionally there are lively and active small squirrels shuttling back and forth between the trees, making the tourists happy.

Xishan Huating temple: admiring golden leaves and finding the inner peace

As soon as the winter comes,the Huating temple which is located in half hill of Xishan Park decorated by golden ginkgo looks bright and moving. The initial quiet courtyard as if covered with a glittering coat of gold overnight, the hospital's solemn glazed tiles and red walls in bright yellow ginkgo foil more show the precipitation of the temple after years of baptism.


The ginkgo in Hhuating temple  [Photo/Sanhuo Zhou the netizen from the Cailong club]

Different from the ginkgo avenue of Yunnan University, the ginkgo in Huating temple "grows in a wild way" and leaves open without "rules".  However, it still looks gorgeous.These ginkgo trees have been planted in huating temple for more than 100 years. The temple was destroyed during the reign of emperor Xianfeng of the Qing dynasty, but the ginkgo trees survived and now flourish.

The temple bell bursts, incense wreaths, ginkgo gold and the vermilion of the building forming a beautiful scene.If tourists who climb the mountain feel tried, they can have a rest in the temple. When they see the cornices of a foot of ginkgo is brilliant yellow by accident,there are quite a kind of "a ginkgo out of the wall" of surprise.


The ginkgo in Hhuating temple [Photo/Sanhuo Zhou the netizen from the Cailong club]

Ginkgo village in Tengchong:Ginkgo leaves fall in the yard 

In the late autumn and early winter, Tengchong ginkgo village has become some authors' fairy tale world. Although these hundred years of ginkgo trees were attacked by the wind and rain, they still have great branches, and the yellow leaves flying. There are more than 3,000 ancient ginkgo trees in the village, among which more than 100 have a history of more than 500 years. The whole area of ginkgo trees is more than 660,000 square meters.


Tengchong gingko village are covered the ground with yellow leaves. [Photo/Xin Heng the netizen from the Cailong club]

The houses in the village are wrapped in ginkgo trees, turning into a dreamlike golden world. Staring up golden ginkgo trees, smoke curling from the chimneys, people walk into the ginkgo village as if into a golden wonderland. People walk through the woods and the leaves rustle along with steps. Like time starting flowing backwards, one can not help but recall the quiet days of the past.


Tengchong gingko village [Photo/Xin Heng the netizen from the Cailong club]

In a piece of ginkgo forest, can be free to play, play in the forest as free as childhood, let the tired body and mind get released, in this golden paradise to enjoy a romantic travel.

In this winter, you might as well bring a camera, walk in the ginkgo forest, listen to those sounds from the end of the year.


Tourists take photos at Tengchong ginkgo village. [Photo/Xin Heng the netizen from the Cailong club]

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