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The 14th Kunming Seagull Festival is in full swing

Source: InKunming | 2021-02-07


The 14th Kunming Seagull Festival has kicked off, and citizens in Kunming can enjoy lantern show and water curtain projection show from19:00 to 21:00 every night until the end of February.


With the help of 1,000 meters of truss and 2,000 meters of cable, more than 2,000 red lanterns which remind citizens of the coming Spring Festival are hanging in the air, brightly lightening the South Gate, Swallow Bridge, embankment and pavilions of Cui Hu Park (Green Lake Park). 


Although the lanterns are glorious, visitors are still able to enjoy twinkling stars at night through the gaps between graceful trees. 



A projection screen made of water can help create incredible illusions and effects, and this Seagull Festival adopts it to show Yunnan’s advantages in biodiversity, dynamically presenting various animals like seagulls, peacocks and lotus flowers to audiences at night. 


“The preparation time is tight and the task is heavy, but we have finally overcome many difficulties to let citizens and tourists enjoy it,” a staff working for this festival said. 

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