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Yunnan Wildlife Park welcomes the upcoming Year of Ox

Source: InKunming | 2021-02-09


The staff of Yunnan Wildlife Park made some special dumplings for the animals in it to welcome the upcoming Year of Ox recently. 


For Chinese people, eating some dumplings means bringing more treasure and wealth in the coming New Year. The dumplings for the park’s animals were made of vegetable leaves and filled with grass, carrots and apples. Apparently, most of the animals like them very much. They couldn't wait to open their mouth widely and taste when the staff came to them with dumplings.


2021 marks the Year of the Ox in Chinese astrology and begins from February 12, the first day of Chinese New Year. As the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the ox is known for their strength, determination, diligence and dependability. As one member of the ox family, the 8-month -old white yaks in Yunnan Wildlife Park stood in a huddle, fighting for their favorite dumplings. 



Tourists who were the first time to see rare white yaks were really happy, and they could also learn some zoology knowledge during the visit. For example, some basic information about  rhinoceros, gnu and eland are provided by the park. 

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